Sunday, September 25, 2016

About me

My name is Drew Gillette I'm 15 years old and, I live in Fortuna, California and have all my life. I love Basketball and my favorite basketball team is Duke. I also love all music and spending time with friends. I am a big fan of dinosaurs especially the velociraptor, because they were awesome in the movie jurassic park. I have two boxers which I really love.. one more than the other. I love food! Steak and chicken are my favorites. Also play 2k and love playing with Larry Bird. So if anyone is trying to play 2k (basketball video game) blog at me. I also love new friends!


  1. Hi,Drew I think we have so much similarities like playing basketball and supporting the same team "Duke" I also play 2K . I wish if I had a pet as a dog and I would like to name him Lee sin
    PS: I really wanna see you pkaying basketball , i MEAN I mean if you can record yourself doing a play liek dunking and stuff that would be awesome !!

  2. That is awesome that we share similar interests Yassine! Also I'll try getting some game film so I can share a video of me playing basketball sometime soon. I hope you are able to have a pet dog, they are great animals I suggest getting a boxer if you do get a dog. Why would you name your dog Lee sin though?

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