Sunday, September 18, 2016

People in Fortuna and people all over Humboldt County and California come to many festivals held in Fortuna. Many of these activities include rodeo, autorama, sporting events, hops in Humboldt, and many others. The rodeo held at Rohner park in Fortuna has many game such as quadiators, where people on quad with plastic baseball bats attempt to hit balloons off of others on quads. This is very intertaining but scary! Rohner park is a beautiful park filled with wonderful trees and wild life. Autorama is a car show that happens every year in the summer where all the best cars get together and ride in a parade. Many sporting events such as Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, etc. Are all player and cheered for throughout the county. I personally only play basketball but enjoy cheering on my school in all sports. Hops in Humboldt is also held at Rohner park and is a beer and wine tasting festival with many local beers and wines. Also coming up in November is the Apple Harvest where there is Apple everything! The best apples and apple cider come from local store Cledenin's just down the street from Fortuna having a hundred year old orchard. There are many other festivities that take place in Fortuna and Humboldt County but these are some of the main one's that you should go too!

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